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富川 [ airbnb Asia ] 招聘 会说英语的中国人

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Role Description:
We'relooking for brilliant & multilingual full time customer serviceprofessionals to join our team in Korea.
Working as part of a dynamic AsianSupport Centre, your role will be to provide “best practice” in customersupport. You will work as a community advocate supporting hosts and travellersfor our client.
You will manage emails, calls andother communications effectively, efficiently and accurately by obtaining andprocessing all relevant information, resolving customer queries and advising onproduct promotions.

-Provide friendly and efficientservice to the worldwide travel community.
-Identify and escalate issuesappropriately.
-Compose thoughtful and accuratemessages or customize prepared responses to customer emails.
-Research information and troubleshootproblems using available resources.
-Arbitrate in situations betweenusers.
-Be a first point of contact to handlecustomer complaints.
-Respond professionally to inboundphone calls with a friendly manner, including urgent situations.
-Monitor and control numerous concurrenttasks in tandem.
-Proactively and independently work tomeet targets and goals.

-Must be available for a regular schedule of 5 days in a weekwith 9 working hours per day that spans weekends and holidays as our customersneed us. Shifts may include evening or early morning hours. Operation Hours arefrom 8am to 9pm and it would be extended to 24hours service in future
-Patience, empathy, and a unique ability to manage stress.
-Active and passionate online travel booking user
-Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
-Ability to work under pressure and adapt quickly to adversesituations.
-Technical aptitude and the ability to pick up new technologyquickly.
-Hospitality & Travel related work experience is an advantage


AIRBNB Trust & Safety Specialist (Multi-lingual Chinese)

Role Description:
We're looking for brilliant & multilingual full time Trust & Safety professionals to join our team in Korea.

Job Description:
As a trust and safety specialist you will be working closely in partnership with the current Airbnb Trust & Safety verifications team. This team is working proactively to recognize online and offline risks by performing account investigations and mitigating losses by preventing bad actors activity on the site.

1.Educating users on how to maintain security and safety while using Airbnb responsibly
2.Reviewing queued results in multiple high volume queues that prevent potential risks
3.Working with Trust & Safety lead to develop and enhance internal policies and tools
4.Investigating complex situations and potential fraud
5.Investigating scammers, scrapers and fraud cases and recognizing fraudulent/suspicious trends
6.Maintaining high levels of confidentiality while performing investigations
7.Comprehensively documenting investigations
8.Performing proactive calls to mitigate online fraud


1.Fluency in both Chinese and English (both written and oral)
2.Strong written internpersonal communication skills
3.Detail oriented- you do your due diligence when completing an investigation
4.Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and customer service skills
5.Strong understanding of e-commerce environment and related user issues
6.Idea-driven, confident and articulate - ready to make a meaningful contribution to the team from day one
7.Background in technology, online media/services and/or fraud and/or investigation
8.Ability to analyze data for patterns

1.Attentive to detail
2.Able to analyze while thinking outside the box
3.Capable of reading between the lines to solve problems
4.A strong writer with excellent communication skills
5.Protecter of private information and sensitive matters

1.Focused in a dynamic, unstructured, stressful environment, while remaining motivated and self directed
2.Picks up on relevant information and uses it to generate options

1.Uniquely views belonging anywhere through a safety lens
2.Has what it takes to relate with a diverse, global audience

Excellent rapport:
1.Able to put users at ease
2.Convey information concisely and precisely
3.Able to mediate effectively between two parties and find the best solution for everyone
4.The OSP should be able to show how it can recruit agents to the above profile


For the Quick application&inquiry,
Please text us your basic information(NAME ON YOU PASSPORT/YEAR OF BIRTH/PHONE NUMBER/airbnb_CN/enjoykorea) through KAKAOTALK/WECHAT/SMS(MOBILE)


We will call you in a day.

Kai Pyun (UBASE-airbnb Recruiter)
OFFICE: +82 032-625-1061 (8:30-11:50, 13:00-18:00 KR TIME)
MOBILE: +82 010-9463-6541
WECHAT ID: rongcai8
KAKAOTALK ID: rongcai8

※The next interview schedule is to be announced to the applicants applying after the form of the example above!


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the post still available?

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uuxtd.com 或是百度搜索 幼幼新天地

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