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[学校专业] 韩国大学BK21工程详细介绍,解读

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The implementation of the Caribbean Health Authority (CARPHA) was one of the priority issues on the agenda of the 19th Caucus of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ministers of Health at the weekend. The meeting which concluded on Sunday was held in Washington D.C. at the Pan American Health Organisation headquarters.During the meeting the Health Ministers approved proposals by the CARPHA Steering Committee, chaired by Local Health Minister,Cheap NFL Jerseys Shop, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, for a Resource Mobilisation and Sustainability plan for CARPHA, supported by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).It is expected that the umbrella health institution will integrate the functions and administration of five Caribbean Regional Health Institutions (RHIs): the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC), the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), the Caribbean Regional Drug Testing Laboratory (CRDTL) and the Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC).At the meeting, too,NFL Jerseys China, the Ministers also endorsed a proposal for the implementation of a social marketing strategy, and gave the nod of approval for the main campus of CARPHA to be located in Trinidad and Tobago. That proposal is currently receiving the attention of the Cabinet of that country.The issue of HIV AIDS in the context of the CARICOM PANCAP Global Fund Round 9 Regional HIV and AIDS Grant was also among the subjects that were outlined for consideration.The grant was approved for a project titled “Fighting HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean: A Strategic Approach” and totals US$34.5M. A total of 16 countries have been listed as beneficiaries with the CARICOM Secretariat as the Principal Recipient of the Grant, responsible for its effective co-ordination, technical oversight and financial management.Deliberations were also expected to focus on a strategic plan to combat Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), a mandate which emanated from the September 2007 Port of Spain Summit Declaration on NCDs.In this context,Cheap Jerseys USA, the Caucus had sought to rationalise the role of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) in support of the Summit’s goals including effective warning on tobacco products towards the reduction of tobacco use and mandatory labelling of foods towards a reduction of trans fat consumption and high sodium intake.CARPHA is an initiative, approved by the CARICOM Heads of Government to integrate five Regional Health Institutions into one public health agency on a phased basis by 2014.The five regional institutions are the Caribbean Epidemiological Centre (CAREC),Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), Caribbean Health Research Centre (CHRC), and Caribbean Regional Drug Testing Laboratory (CRDTL).The funding for this new consolidated agency is expected to come from various sources including quota contributions from participating CARICOM and non-CARICOM States, grants, technical assistance and a trust fund.According to a statement issued by the Caricom Secretariat?PAHO WHO continues to play an important role in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat in spearheading the resource mobilisation programme.In her address to the Caucus, Dr Mirta Roses,Cheap Jerseys From China, Director of PAHO expressed the commitment of her organisation to maintaining its level of contribution to the health agenda and in particular to sustaining the public health functions of the Region during the transition toward the achievement of CARPHA.The Ministers of Health also recognised the support so far, from several development partners for CARPHA, including the Public Health Agency of Canada,Cheap Jerseys China, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIIDA) and the Canadian Public Health Association, the Government of France,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, the Chronic Disease Control Centre,Cheap Jerseys, USA, and the Social Market Agency, Ministry of Health, UK.

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