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cartier love bangles replica For example.

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  ~4 y# Z4 {$ dhttps://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3-c.w4002-16657384515.77.2de3b8b8zU20P9&id=544538553726- ]1 J. }8 ^1 I3 `+ i+ t: T
日本大创 熊猫系列净面纯色毛巾超吸水超细纤维舒适超柔软加厚
2 {2 d* o- V' L2 m1 K; j6 c品牌:DAISO
0 t5 \4 k, @* x% i7 F/ q+ [' C2 w颜色:黄色、粉色、浅蓝色( Z6 P  j* h& I, p
规格:34cm(宽)*78cm(长)4 F- I: J" W7 H$ L5 w- u/ C' r
! A3 l* f: s4 X5 X- j8 SDAISO原装正品,手感超舒服,加厚款,三件包邮
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( ~, G5 Z0 n' R2 o# K

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