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[疑难解答] Scientists say that claims about China's manufacturing of the coronavirus

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The online research database has become an important forum for revealing and discussing pandemics. They aim to promote scientific development more flexibly, and have been at the forefront of reporting on the discovery of masks, vaccines, and new coronavirus variants. But these sites lack the traditional, and much slower, protective measures inherent in peer-reviewed scientific journals in which articles are published only after other scientists have commented on them. Research shows that papers posted to online sites can also be hijacked to fuel conspiracy theories.
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According to Harvard University’s misinformation, despite severe scientific reviews and extensive news reports about its alleged flaws, Yan's paper on Zenodo has been viewed more than 1 million times, which may make it a reference to the origin of the coronavirus pandemic The most widely read research. Researchers. They concluded that online science sites are vulnerable to so-called "hidden science", and that hidden science strives to make suspicious work a "representation of scientific legitimacy."
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Yan was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong, but fled to the United States in April this year. In an interview with The Washington Post, she stated that online science sites are vulnerable to abuse, but she rejected the argument that her story is a case study. regarding this problem.( ]5 C5 J9 @8 W. ?

: d9 c0 Q$ Z9 v3 kYan said, on the contrary, she is a dissident, trying to warn the world that what she is talking about is China's role in manufacturing the coronavirus. She uses Zenodo because it can release information immediately without any restrictions, because she is worried that the Chinese government will hinder the publication of her works. She believes that her academic critics will be proven wrong.
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请看t.cn/A6zAdlQI(网址) 肺炎,最新消息 ,国内和国外不一样的报道.海外更真实...... git.io/gkkkk (网址)  发表于 3 天前
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