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75. George Bent was a great friend of Frank P. Blair,Zapatillas Nike Free Powerlines+ II Mujer, whom he appointed guardian for his children. He died at the fort about 1848 of consumption,Skor Sverige, and was buried near his brother Robert in the graveyard which lay a short distance northeast of the northeast bastion of the fort. The old tailor,Zapatillas Nike Air Griffey Max hombres, a Frenchman,Maillot AS Roma Pas Cher, afterward planted cactus over George Bent’s grave to protect it from the wolves and coyotes. Their remains were later removed to St. Louis.
After the death of Charles Bent,Cheap Nike Lunarestoa 2 Shoes, in 1847,Lacoste Dam Sverige, William Bent continued his work. Perhaps St. Vrain may have remained a partner for a time. Fitzpatrick speaks of “Messrs. Bent and St. Vrain’s post” in 1850. Bent was an active man and interested in many other projects besides the fort and trade with the Indians. He bought sheep and mules in New Mexico and drove them across the plains to the Missouri market. In the forties,Kl?nning Sverige, in company with several other men,Tr?ja Sverige, he secured a large land grant from the Mexican government in the Arkansas valley above the fort and attempted to found a Google Links:


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