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two trappers sent as messengers to the Goddin River party. The trappers overtook and captured three of the Indians and took them back to the camp.117 There a court-martial was held and the three captives were condemned to die,Maillot Brésil Pas Cher, but Ross the next morning succeeded in letting them escape.
8 v  A  O% m8 GThe return to the Flathead House was devoid of any special events save those of ordinary prairie and mountain travel. On the way they had to pass through deep snows and across frozen rivers where the ice was not always safe,Maillot Grèce Pas Cher, and at one such point they lost a horse,Maillot Irlande Pas Cher, and two of the men came near sharing its fate. They reached there the last of November.- j8 _+ H) n. E# n# A0 j
The results of the trip amounted to five thousand beaver,Maillot Chili Pas Cher, exclusive of other furs—a very successful summer.0 ~/ M, H7 y9 N
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